Andy Cohen Claps Back at Fan Who Criticized His ‘Incessant’ Gum Chewing


Andy Cohen Claps Back at Fan Who Criticized His 'Incessant' Gum Chewing
Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’ Charles Sykes/Bravo

Andy Cohen has no time for criticism. The Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host recently fielded a complaint from someone who was bothered by one of his on-air habits, gum chewing.

The Bravo star shared the exchange with the viewer on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, December 11.

“PLEASE STOP your incessant gum chewing,” the “fan” barked at Cohen, 51, via direct message. “It’s so unbecoming.”

The Bravo boss wasted no time firing off a retort, replying: “Not quite sure ‘INCESSANT’ is correct?”

Though the late night host did concede that he has a serious gum-chewing habit, the behavior is actually his attempt to ward off another vice: mindless eating!

“I do chew gum for the 45 minutes before my show so that I won’t snack at the Craft Services table,” Cohen noted.

The Missouri native then ended his correspondence with the perturbed watcher by encouraging them to focus on more pressing issues instead. As Cohen put it: “Let’s put our outrage into Climate Change or something productive!” He then added “#lovemyfans.”

In addition to responding to agitated WWHL watchers, Cohen has had his hands full with a completely different kind of drama in recent days. During the episode of his show that aired on Sunday, December 8, the Most Talkative author pointed out that NeNe Leakes wore the same red dress on TV two times.

“One of NeNe’s confessional looks this year [on The Real Housewives of Atlanta] is the same dress she wore to our big doorbell show in L.A. where the strap broke,” he quipped at the time, noting his “eagle-eyed” research team caught the repeat ensemble. “So, I guess she fixed her strap, which we love.”

When that night’s guest (and Leakes’ RHOA costar) began laughing at Cohen’s observation, he quickly clarified that he “didn’t mean for that to be shady.”

Leakes, 51, saw things differently, however. “Can somebody please tell me what was the point of this? Like i don’t get it. That was 2 years ago i wore this dress ONCE, so i can’t sit in a confessional with it on,” she captioned a clip from the WWHL episode. “@bravoandy How many times have you recycled your suits and ties? #pointless #messy why you care? It’s enough that we #RHOA ladies come for each other and now we have to worry about executives coming for us! No i mean coming for me! It’s not cool.”

The I Dream of NeNe alum then expressed her disdain for the dress diss once more via Twitter, calling Cohen’s almost-immediate apology “bulls–t.”


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